Sunday, February 6

While roaming around

Photography for me never chooses time or place. It is in you who can make best photographs out of something so simple and bare.
house cat

Saturday, January 22

The Upland

             This was taken during our trip in Puhagan, Valencia. The place was so cold that we can see fog everywhere, it covered our way to the man made lake. I was still due to the coldness but saw this eye-catching subject.

Wednesday, January 19

Thursday, January 13

The cityscape

Dumaguete at night

Two thousand and ten

      I begin with saying that year was full of ups and downs. I bid goodbye to the folks I've grown with professionally. I ended the four long years of competition amongst the best people, team I know. I don't accept this but after those years I see my self as being a driver, pursuer but I also see myself as being considerate. My team was for four years my top priority, the most time I spent with thinking how can we do best and outdone others. Yes, it was stressful but I can never compare it to the fulfillment I felt when all the accolades are pouring in. I gave all the credits to them for being so patient with me, for the undeniable cooperation they've showed, and for giving their best. 
      That year was also an awakening. I now believe that their are people who are naturally unfair when you chose the way other than they want. I also proved that finding that thin line between doing your job and being a friend is very important. Gather, Listen, Think, reThink, Talk, Decide. 
     I met new sets of colleagues, new job assignments, new environment, new lifestyle, and new way of thinking. It was totally different. I don't need to go with the flow, I just need to be me. I just need to work at my best.
       I'm not sure of what is in store for me this year but I'm sure what I have in store for this year!

Wednesday, January 12

A baby's touch...

A two-month old baby's soft but strong hand. She is indeed a gift. 

Delicious sight it is!

a brownie and crinkles

pizza from moon cafe

cupcake from a party

perfect match with macchiato

gambas ala luna at moon cafe

the best siomai sauce @ mandarin tea garden

Sunday, January 9

One fine day

 An afternoon with my cousins Tibors, Dan2, Christian, and the dog Raine. Taken in monochrome mode.




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Feel The Rush - Ride the Zipline!!!

 If you visit Dumaguete,  you should not miss this adventure. Be the Superman of your own!

Saturday, January 8

Negros - Dumaguete

      I could not miss this annual event. Negros offers nothing but the best festival each cities and municipalities have. During this time photo enthusiasts are all eager to take their best shots. Colors and movements are blinding but it is in this blend that the most natural and vivid photos can come and be a bragging treasure each enthusiasts can show. Keeping fragments of the tradition and putting it together in a whole new perspective - that's the work of art. Never mind the crowd instead mind the craving of your fingers to click and get an excellent result done in just a second of thought. The street dancing is just one of the many must-see events during last  year's Buglasan Festival - the Festival of Festivals in Negros Oriental.

       In olden times Negros natives and residents of nearby islands referred to our island as BUGLAS. Two accounts attempt to explain the origin of the name. One is that it derives from an upheaval during which the island was ripped off (buklas) from a larger land mass. The other is that the predominant vegetation on the island at that time were tall napier-like reeds called buglas. -

      I took a photo of this man thinking of a good combination between the jungle and the city life. Who could not resist to take this unique sight. His color stand out across the blazing light and vivid colors in the background. This photo was taken at the main street of Dumaguete, the center of commerce and a convergence zone for this kind of event.

      The finale of this half month celebration is the fireworks competition. Contingents from Manila, Cebu, and Mindanao all converged in the city Boulevard to showcase their best fireworks display. The sky lit up and the flashing lights are noticeable wherever you are from the ground. Photo enthusiasts are positioned, ISO set to a high value to get the optimum result from a peeking subject. 
It was indeed challenging, but look what I've got. Despite "sa bagang duot sa katawhan" - stampede-like situation, I still got a good shot. Thanks to my cousin who served as my tripod!

I can't get the result I wanted. Any suggestions of a good "free" mosaic software?

Monday, January 3

More shots...

Taken from our backyard.
Taken in Valencia Springs.
Taken from our backyard.

I'm looking forward to a greater heights in photography. u

I am a newbie and not in a hurry to be an expert. I would love if some can give me tips on taking shots, subjects, and good photograph result. I have Nikon d5000, is this cam good to start with?