Saturday, January 8

Negros - Dumaguete

      I could not miss this annual event. Negros offers nothing but the best festival each cities and municipalities have. During this time photo enthusiasts are all eager to take their best shots. Colors and movements are blinding but it is in this blend that the most natural and vivid photos can come and be a bragging treasure each enthusiasts can show. Keeping fragments of the tradition and putting it together in a whole new perspective - that's the work of art. Never mind the crowd instead mind the craving of your fingers to click and get an excellent result done in just a second of thought. The street dancing is just one of the many must-see events during last  year's Buglasan Festival - the Festival of Festivals in Negros Oriental.

       In olden times Negros natives and residents of nearby islands referred to our island as BUGLAS. Two accounts attempt to explain the origin of the name. One is that it derives from an upheaval during which the island was ripped off (buklas) from a larger land mass. The other is that the predominant vegetation on the island at that time were tall napier-like reeds called buglas. -

      I took a photo of this man thinking of a good combination between the jungle and the city life. Who could not resist to take this unique sight. His color stand out across the blazing light and vivid colors in the background. This photo was taken at the main street of Dumaguete, the center of commerce and a convergence zone for this kind of event.

      The finale of this half month celebration is the fireworks competition. Contingents from Manila, Cebu, and Mindanao all converged in the city Boulevard to showcase their best fireworks display. The sky lit up and the flashing lights are noticeable wherever you are from the ground. Photo enthusiasts are positioned, ISO set to a high value to get the optimum result from a peeking subject. 
It was indeed challenging, but look what I've got. Despite "sa bagang duot sa katawhan" - stampede-like situation, I still got a good shot. Thanks to my cousin who served as my tripod!

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