Thursday, January 13

Two thousand and ten

      I begin with saying that year was full of ups and downs. I bid goodbye to the folks I've grown with professionally. I ended the four long years of competition amongst the best people, team I know. I don't accept this but after those years I see my self as being a driver, pursuer but I also see myself as being considerate. My team was for four years my top priority, the most time I spent with thinking how can we do best and outdone others. Yes, it was stressful but I can never compare it to the fulfillment I felt when all the accolades are pouring in. I gave all the credits to them for being so patient with me, for the undeniable cooperation they've showed, and for giving their best. 
      That year was also an awakening. I now believe that their are people who are naturally unfair when you chose the way other than they want. I also proved that finding that thin line between doing your job and being a friend is very important. Gather, Listen, Think, reThink, Talk, Decide. 
     I met new sets of colleagues, new job assignments, new environment, new lifestyle, and new way of thinking. It was totally different. I don't need to go with the flow, I just need to be me. I just need to work at my best.
       I'm not sure of what is in store for me this year but I'm sure what I have in store for this year!

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